Blogging the 2014 Eureka City Council Elections.

Three wards up for election, three incumbents Marian Brady, Mike Newman and Chet Albin.

Mike Newman post election 2010

Chet Albin, Teabagger

Newman for Council Facebook:

Arroyo for Council

Bergel for Council

June 23 Humboldt Activist

Natalie Arroyo to Challenge Liar/Teabagger Chet Albin for Eureka’s 5th Ward

shortlink here:

mnemonic link here:

From the brand-new Natalie Arroyo for Eureka City Council Facebook page:

I am running for City Council, and would be honored to have your support and your vote this November. There is so much to love about Eureka, and I want to help sustain what IS working now. I also want to see real progress in the following areas:

• Improving safety for all modes of transportation,
• Small business support and growth,
• Actively supporting closer-knit, safe neighborhoods,
• Improving access to resources for our residents’ health and well-being,
• Using our City’s existing resources effectively and wisely,
• Treating all our residents with dignity and respect,
• Implementing our City’s Strategic Vision fully, which includes informed planning for the future,
• Supporting a clean, healthy natural environment.


Pre File Poll (Beauty Contest) Liar/Teabagger Phony Democrat Chet Albin vs. Natalie Arroyo:

JUNE 22 Natalie Arroyo announces for 5th ward v Chet Albin.


June 1 Eureka Ward 3 pre-file beauty contest

May 31 LOCO Bergel for Council to run against Newman

Feb. 1 John Chiv


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