About the Humboldt Activist

Shortlink for Humboldt Activist:  http://wp.me/38Pt0

Mnemonic for Humboldt Activist:  http://urlet.com/occupation.reigned

This is a place for Humboldt Activists to discuss issues and actions of relevance to Eureka, Arcata, Humboldt County.  If you want to be a contributor contact me “Bill” humboldt.organizer@gmail.com  I am a Libertarian Socialist, or “left libertarian.”

This is a fairly big tent activist blog.  You need not agree with me about each and every little thing to contribute or participate here.

First comments here are auto moderated which is default for WordPress blogs.
After that I (and whoever joins me in the moderator/owner crew) reserve the right to delete comments for what ever reason, but normally it will be for spam, trolling, or incoherence, off-topicality,  threats, intimidation, ad hominem attacks, or meta-discussions.

You must fill in a name and an email address to comment.  At this time there is no need for either one to be real.

I have been told by several kind visitors that the “leave comment” link seems to be invisible.  That is because I purchased the bozo filter for $49.95 per year from the  WordPress store and if you can’t see the link, well, apply Occam’s Razor.

No seriously its hard to see but its right at the end of the tag list at the bottom of each post, looks like just another tag, really.

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