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Fast Food Strike May 15!

shortlink here: Fast-food workers are planning a global strike for better pay and working conditions, with actions set to take place in 150 U.S. cities and 32 other countries in a bid to exert pressure on multinational companies. Strikes … Continue reading

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Fundraising Season – Host A Small House Party!

shortlink here: mnemonic here: Hi Everyone, It is fund raising season again and I would like to raise some funds for my friends at PARC, People’s Action for Rights and Community here in Eureka. So between now … Continue reading

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Workers Strike at Miami Walmart – Demand 40 Hours Work – VIDEO EN ESPANOL

shortlink here In an unexpected act of collective frustration, dozens of Walmart associates walked off the job at the Hialeah Walmart on 9300 NW 77th avenue in Miami, Florida on Friday Oct 18th, 2013. As many as 80 workers … Continue reading

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Demand Economic Justice – First Tuesdays

You Are Invited Greetings, Tuesday, August 6th, will be the beginning of a monthly Rally * Protest * Demonstration * Teach-in that will encourage groups and individuals to come together and share information, resources and support. First Tuesdays! Human Rights Awareness … Continue reading

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Walmart Threatens DC to Avoid Paying Fair Wages

shortlink here: mnemonic here: Wal-Mart says it will pull out of D.C. plans should city mandate ‘living wage’ By Mike DeBonis, Published: July 9 E-mail the writer The world’s largest retailer delivered an ultimatum to District lawmakers Tuesday, … Continue reading

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Fair Wage Cafe! FREE Community Event Sat June 29, Eureka!

shortlink here: mnemonic here: Free Community Event FAIR WAGE CAFE! SATURDAY, JUNE 29 12 Noon to 5:00 pm Hosted by the people who wrote the Eureka Fair Wage Act. The Fair Wage Cafe is an open and casual … Continue reading

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Plastic Peanuts? McDonald’s Wants to Pay You With Plastic!

shortlink here mnemonic here: via NY Daily News: She asked for paper – but all they offered was plastic. A Pennsylvania woman is now suing the McDonald’s franchise that refused to pay her by check and instead insisted … Continue reading

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