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Rent and Bill Time for PARC Please Help

“So let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late” Sometimes it’s easier to quote others than to come up with something original all the time. I know with making songs, there are times I hit a block … Continue reading

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The Excess Energy Tax is Economic Suicide for Humboldt County – Turn Out the Lights

Yesterday I sent you my analysis from 2012 about the Arcata excess energy tax. A couple of months ago I sat in a room with a genius who schooled me about the importance of building resilient communities through the concept … Continue reading

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Activation Assistance Requested for PARC

It’s true.  We need to raise 500 dollars for rent over the next 5 days. Even if you send some after August 6th, that will help, but right now, if you can, please send a donation ASAP. We have been … Continue reading

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Please Donate to PARC

shortlink: http://wp.me/p38Pt0-d2 Hi everyone, Big thanks to the folks who have recently dropped off $$ to keep PARC going.  We are still well behind on how much we need for rent and bills this month (June and end of May … Continue reading

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Arcata PD and Humboldt State PD Sued for Police Brutality

shortlink: http://wp.me/p38Pt0-cY mnemonic:  http://urlet.com/completing.holland via Times-Standard: “A Fieldbrook man who alleges he was the victim of a “brutal” assault by Humboldt State University police is now seeking relief in Humboldt County Superior Court after his claims for damages were rejected … Continue reading

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Double Homicide in Arcata Saturday May 18 2013

shortlink here: http://wp.me/p38Pt0-bz mnemonic: http://urlet.com/sister.betting update 5/21  Several hundred gather at Moonstone Beach, memorial service set for Christina Schwarz, http://www.times-standard.com/news/ci_23288508/eureka-high-teen-michigan-man-idd-victims-weekend Details are sketchy but there were two victims,   a young man named “Sunshine” and an 18 year old woman, possibly a recent … Continue reading

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shortlink here: http://wp.me/p38Pt0-8O mnemonic: http://urlet.com/reply.nearest PLEASE everyone email or call the Arcata City council and demand an end to the thuggish oppression of the Peoples 420 festival. STOP WASTING PUBLIC MONEY! STOP TRASHING OUR CULTURE! STOP WASTING THE RESOURCES OF A … Continue reading

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